Bio Memorial Pet Urn


Bio Memorial Pet Loss Urn for your beloved animal compagnion

100% Biodegradable / 100% With Love

  • What is the BIO urn? - The BIO urn is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn your pet's ashes into a tree (pine tree seeds included). Sent your dog our cat to heaven, but also many of customers use their BIO urn for their horse, hamster, mouse, reptile, fish, guinea pig, snake, iguana and ferret creamation. Thanks to its proprietary design, the urn offers good germination and growth from any tree or plant that you choose. 
  • What is the Urns Purpose? The intentions of this organic urn is to offer the user an alternative for commemorating your loved one in a natural, sustainable fashion, thus transforming the "death process into regeneration and transformation. Your urn will be a positive, growing tribute to your memory for your family.  A tribute to be shared with friends and family.
  • Therefore less is better - the product and its function also mean an ecological, social and economic improvement. It leaves no trace of realizing that it was used ... other than a tree of life. The BIO urn is simple. He is perfect. Less but better.
  • Your pet would also favor this - your Earth Friendly PET urn is the perfect size to get the most, lovingly reborn by nature. Be creative and include your pets pictures, collars, pet plaque, hair green cut and other keepsakes in your personalized BIO urn ... this will honor your pets life. Start to heal by transforming your grief into a return to live with a tree in your garden.